Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"


GREAT game i need help though buddy, ok i cant get her teddy bear off the tree i cant get passed the monkey i can't find the old farts cat, i cant make that chicken stop moving, i cant buy a banana, i cant do anything with that axe cutter man, i cant get the keys from that goblin plz help

Phantasmagor responds:

Hey man just go to the walkthrough at http://www.bgroupproductions.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=63

Its ok

I kinda liked it, but then again don't take this sieriously I'm really tired (I'm cranky when I'm tired)

very good use of graphics

i liked the way the main character is, its a very interactive game


I had lots of fun playing this but I did have to search through the reviews for some helps on certain parts. I'm a cheater, I know. :P I am looking forward to part 2! I liked how the sobbing lady at the end had a sign that said "I serve no purpose." Haha I was wondering if she were a part of the game or not. :P

Very creative!

I like but..

Mmm k, yeah I like but I'm sooo confused..
Where the hell is the walkthrough??
I couldn't find it on the sites or the main menu :(

But otherwise, it's awesome ;)