Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

Cool game

But is this a bug: i saved teh guy with the chicken but i didnt get the scuba suit or smth.
Now i dont know how to get past the water. :>

Phantasmagor responds:

Casper Here:
Its not a bug, u have saved him but now u have to go to his shop and talk to him, THEN u will get it, if u dont then there is a bug!!

help me

GOOSSHH I found that game soo funny but im freaking stuck !!! i think i have ti capture the chiken or whatever... i am at the beginning but im playing at this nice game since 2 weeks .. help me!!
its a really nice game bud

Need some help

Hey the game is great so far im just stuck on the last potion if you can help me out alittle it would be apperciated i just have no clue where to go to use it. Still a great game thought

Can't switch cursors

i've tried space bar and the menu thing, but it only switches for a millisecond then goes back to the speech bubble

Phantasmagor responds:

hmm strange, perhaps ur in a place where u must use the speech bubble so it is forcing the speech buble mouse icon, other than that i dont think theres any way i can explain it, but that still doesnt stop u from completin the game!


Relly good game but im stuck.....
how do i find the cat
how do i kill the monkey

pls help me!!