Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

sorry to see so much work -

damn, there was a good plan there - you can see the effort (and the talent) - you got the mechanics kinda in the right place. sadly the story line sucked and the game became cumbersome (god, am i done yet?).

the constant farting was just wrong (turned the sound off pretty quick), and while it had some good moments, i just found the whole game more and more annoying as i played it...

slow and awkward movement, somewhat difficult plot line, unfriendly 'inventory' handling - after playing it for a while - well - let me put it this was - clearly the skill set is there to do a great game, but this really wasn't it.


after you get the worm, go to the boy on the beach.

how do i get the chicken??

i got the worm out of the apple. now what?

When is pt 2 coming?

I played this game a while ago and keep checking in to see if pt 2 is done. I loved part one, these are my type of games. Very clever thanks.


This was HILARIOUS!!!!! The farting was funny at first but it got annoying after a bit and the talking was so funny. I like it when he gets hit by the scarecrow and dies. HAHAHAHA!!! Nice work.