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Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

I got stuck at the tutorial tried refreshing several times.... Did not work.

Ive decided to help out because i had a problem where i got stuck in the tutorial :/ and then i pressed go and it didnt work. but then i refreshed the page and it worked PERFECTLY! So stop complaining please :D

good game i too played all the reincarnation games but i played this for a little while though iam finishing it now cant wait for root of all evil to come out but it needs to be funded.... so fund it everyone ( but you are not forced)

I recently replayed all of the Reincarnation-games, and found a link to this piece of delightful dirt.
I dont understand how I could have missed this game. Im a fan of all point´n clicks and Griswold really stands out as a LOVELY LITTLE BUGGER !
Technically the game lacks alot ..... blah blah blah ....But who cares?


so many things to find: can you get my teddy bear? NO