Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

I've got one question.

Did you get the name of the land from a song called Phantasmagoria in two by Tim Buckley?
Just curious...

Phantasmagor responds:

Casper Here:
nope i came up with it from my alias phantasmagoric . The name Phantasmagoria kinda means the world is all part of my imagination if you catch my drift, Kinda like saying MacDonaghoria, but that doesnt have quite the same ring to it lol :)

it was ok.

it was kinda annoying, the main character was stupid but i liked the animation at the begining. keep trying.

You know what the problem with the modern world is

Too much fucking Games of Gondor. Since when was it a law to add a gog logo on every single flash game?

Aside from that the game was remarkably good. I just don't like toggling between 4 or so tools whenever I want to interact with something in the game.

Jaw dropping.

This is really really great. I don't have time to play this in depth at the moment so I'm just voting 5 and adding it to my favourites. The engine is fantastic..it's given me ideas as to where to take this very slow and cumbersome RPG I started building 2 years ago and have now gone back to. The graphics, design, imagination and humour behind this is perfect!

Awesome and then some

Great stuff, sorta reminded me of Full Throttle, Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. Ah, nostalgia kicks in.. :,-)
It's more an adventure game than rpg, but what the hell, it's awesome. You guys should go pro.