Reviews for "You guys wanna do math?"

And we wonder why kids have trouble in school...

I got a pic of a really odd dude, and I got a microphone... maybe I can make a kick-ass flash! This was horrible- right down to the fact that 487/485 is NOT 10 decimal anything! My only question is... who does he teach calc 3 to?

mattymetro responds:

He teaches calc 3 to your momma in the afterlife.

since you can't hear me, I'm being very sarcastic.

Wow, that was sweet, who was that guy in the picture, I wish I looked like him, I bet he gets all the bitches. that was great, I gave it a 10 in everything, only because I couldn't give it a 20. just for fun, I gave it a 5 on the voting icons. yeah right, stop making crap like that.


Wow. A picture that doesn't move or do anything, with a sound file in the background. You are indeed the king of flash animation.

Thats was funny

Now lets do some more math

i gave it a one because his afro is dam cute!

for a math teacher.. hes got that whole 70's funk-master going on... DAM CUTE!