Reviews for "Pussy poison"

This is really nice! Love the character of this cat and it shows something funny

When I saw this I thought of my mom's cat Miss Priss. She sticks her nose up at almost every kind of cat food you give her and she also looks like she walks with high heals.

I love it! :D

Those eyes. The eyes of pure hate and disgust!
As always Martin, great work~~

Normally I don't care much for anything that reminds me of animal exterminators, but its quite obvious the cat hates that horrific looking garbage. The details on the sludge in the bowl is very high, and even the bowl has an almost 3D quality to it. The cat's head and eyes are among its most detailed qualities.

I really love how you make the art ^^ you have a good talent, I really love the cat, the light, ect, good job >u<

SmokeryDots responds:

Thank you :)