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Reviews for "Thing-Thing 2"


the one thing i think you can improve on is the fact that you cant do anything to stop the enemy once they are behind the range of your gun

also lives are needed. the most annoying thing that caqn happen in any game is after you have been playing for more that five minutes without dying and when you do dye its instant game over


I didn't quite understand the first game, so always lost on level one, but this game works. The only complaint was it was too short. If a thing thing 3 is planned, add more bosses ( e.g. 1 after each type of level: city sand etc), and more levels and level types. Also a score display would make it easier, so you could find out how many enemies left before the best upgrade.

Other than those two minor points, it is fantastic, and I would advise you create more.


they would jump over me and i shot em 100% helth at the end

this great for wen ur sittin around bored

this game is really really good for wen ur sittin around bored