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Reviews for "Thing-Thing 2"

Great Game

I liked the game...

Good graphics

Lots of violence

And good music

Good, but got boring.

It was a good game, but on survival mode I just couldn't get enough kills for the secret weapon. It just got way too boring, mainly because late in it there are minute lung pauses between enemies enter, and then only one or two come in. Try to make it less boring, or at least so more enemies come in.

amazing game

That was an incredible game. I do not see how people have so much trouble with the boss!! It's soooo easy! (Even on Hard Mode)

Excellent game!

Quite addicting and fun to pass the time with, and the unlocks kept me coming back, simply to find out what they were. I love the Colt 1911 and the AMT Automag! (No, people, it is NOT a silver Desert Eagle, it's the obscure AMT Automag that predates the Desert Eagle) The 1911 was a nail-driver, even though it would technically have more kick than the SIG Sauer...but I ain't complainin'. One thing, though... I can't identify the first gun you get! The handgun with the illuminator attached. What did you model that after? Anyways, great game, really. Keep it up.


Loved it. Took me about 10 tries to kill the last boss, but finaly I figured out his "moves". :D Awesome game. Love the shotgun.