Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"

A Paladin's power comes from the soul and light

This was great. At first it didn't look like you where continuing the story where it left off. Good to see you did. My bro loves these since he likes Paladin characters in general.lol

Ahh , at last.

I've seen the first 2 Paladin episodes, and I was kinda annoyed that he didn't look anything like a "Paladin". But NOW I get it, he wasn't a Paladin before. The armor and cape that the god gave him are exactly what I think of when I think of a Paladin. He looks like a real badass now.

One of the best series on Newgrounds!

Dude, this totally rocks! I've seen the first two, and this has the best animation of all three. The story is great, and I can't wait for episode 4! THAT ARMOR HE GETS AT THE END IS SO F****** COOL!!! Great work, man.


i loved it but u sed hes name is and then his name will be known as paliden and the end was rele mest up he gets biten first then he comes back from the death bether stronger fester and smorter so what das he do well usaly u ahave a remach but nooooooooo he stabes the monster in the back so it wont see him lol that part was rele fuckt up but i still love your work u gething bether each animation u do keep the good work up........... sorry for the speling........


this is definitely the best one so far. im so pumped to see 4