Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"


That was incredible!
I've waited a really long time for this episode.
Well...guess i'll have to wait again... ;)
Anyways, great work!


Playing World of Warcraft lately? o_O

Great combination of story, battle, and style!

Just when I was afraid they would all be the same, this one blows number 2 away. Your animation skills improved a lot and Auron and the undead giant's movements seem a lot more detailed and believable. The fight scene was exciting, the story narratives were interesting, the voice work was very good, and this time around the music was just perfect. It transitioned well from scene to scene and fit the moods exactly and was just plain good music too.

Haha, no zombie clicky this time but that's okay. You clearly had a lot of other things to work on. Great flash, man. I enjoy watching people improve as their work goes on and yours definitely has (though this comment is kind of late since this has been out for years, I still hope you can look back on your progress and be proud of yourself, cause you deserve it.)


sam is a fine green shit

Very well done.

There were a few details that were inconsistent, but not too many, and I thought that the intro worked perfectly at the beginning of this. Very well done.