Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"


wow man....i havnt even watched the first two and i think thats amazing
im not sure, it may verywell be my computer and not your flash, but it seemed to get a bit fuzzy in the middle....also the palidins voice i think seems to much like an echo or somthin., just different from the others
sweet flash tho man i loved it


Dude after months of playing World Of Warcraft where they gimp paladins daily you have no idea how much I enjoyed this. The Paladin knight in shining armor smiter of evil and bringer of justice.I see all of these things in your 3 cartoons and I loved them all! Please make more man. Paladins have always held a place in my heart. Don't know why but you just did such an awesome job.Please keep up the good work my freind and in the words of Calmar Greyhawk my old paladin charecter from Dungeon and Dragons. Est Solaris Uth Mithras My honor is my life.

Wait a second!

Paladins don't backstab, they face their opponents before they kill them.
It was good though!

Amazing! Astounding! Astoundazing!

Incredibly well done all around. I have one question, though...if the mythology of this series consists of made-up gods, then why does he have a cross on his armor? Just thought I'd annoy you by pointing out a trivial little inaccuracy. Still, though, awesome series, I love it. Opening was cheesy, but it did answer basic questions like "who are these guys, where did they come from, and what are they doing?" Your ability to tell a story is better than the story itself, which is why the series is cool and engaging, and also why it doesn't make much sense, but this episode helps to remedy that as much as it can, and is the best one yet. And few cartoons actually get the idea of zombies right. All in all, this is a terrific action series with a healthy dose of pseudo-intellectual fantasy storytelling mixed in for good measure, and zombies!

You have a new fan.

I swear, I'm sayiong that a lot lately, but there sure is a whole bunch of great artists springing up that I admire!

Your one of'em, and your work is outstanding. Your Paladin series has depth and story to it, although loosing some aspects of it with time (which is understood) it is made up with the great story and graphics. I can say with a fact that I cannot wait for the next installment, and I'm addin you to my favorite author's list so I'll get that e-mail.

Be well, and I can't wait for the next installment! This one, as with the rest, was very, very, very well done!

5 outta 5