Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"

loved it

great quality, storyline, and sound, the only thing i saw you needed work on, were your gradient effects


You have amazed me with your flash skills,you have to make more episodes,this goes straight to my favs.I must watch your other episodes aswell.

wow :D

paladin vs. undead. doesn't matter how i look at this o.0 it seems all to easy for the paladin :P that necromancer is going down lol nice work can't wait to see the undeads get there ass's whooped some more ^^

Dear Gods, I believe I Shat My Pants!

Wow. i just watched your other 2 before this, and i watched your animation styles change. not too mention the quality. and the music. UGH! Head Bangin Good Time! Keep this up!!! i Can't wait for the next one in the series!


i just watched all of the paladin episodes, it was all great, atlhough i thought he looked cooler in the second one with the black cloths and what not, but the armour is still cool looking.