Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"

Sounds ... very... very painful..

Good as hell, but my hears started ringing when the sounds went berzerk in the beginning.

Still awesome,


it takes 10 agin but a little ob if he hades a shield it was cooler

g8 movie

great but if you want see the history more cool and complete play the game its really really cool i recomend it


it was awesome but what i wanted to know is WTF made the giant zombies body he is HUGE


Three slices and the giant zombie is dead!!! That's so unfair!!!! Well anyway a good choice of music. Oh also nice work on the part where you meet the god oh look at me i talk in one voice and i sound like an idiot compared to this god. Hi hi i'm i'm the the god god of of strength strength. You you get get another another chance chance and and you you get get the the armor armor of of a a paladin paladin. good good luck luck Auron Auron.