Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"


OMFG... that was awsome!


that was very very very good. cant w8 till the next one


i just watched the seriese and to be honest i dont even care for the story these things are played out to me but i just wanted to see what the hype was about. I must say that the third installment was some of the most intricate and fluid animation ive seen in an action flash. I wasnt that impressed with your arwork at first but it gradually gets better with each episode. but the animation itself is unbeleivable. and the third just blew the other two out of the water with its graphics... so keep it up i may not care for the story but im a huge fan of your animation.


Well done, havnt seen work like this for a while. keep up the good work

Awesome #3

Man you are one awesome dude. Your only 16 and you animate like your 30. Very impressive. Loved your work again. Keep it up!