Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"

Very Well Done

That was some of the best flash work I have ever seen. The art and animation were amazing. I only gave you a 9 on graphics because the proportions were off at some points, but overall, awesome. Front page material.

god damit, i just love it.

your are awsome man. the story is really good so far. and the graphics and music is wonderful. its like i'm wahcting a movie from the theater, but in my home and for free. you are so young to be that good at flash. you inspire me to practice and practice more more so i can get better, maybe one day as good as you.
so yeah....wonderful...all your flash videos are great....so yeah.....well.....bye.

You should have this on TV!!!!

This Would make a great television short Like ATHF or Robot Chicken just needs to be a bit longer i half to say it's purely amazing!!

yeah hoo i love you but still not way

dude keep makeing thes and youll beat that asshole tom pulp (:

sweet : )

this is geting better and better every time.all 5's till now