Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"

very nicely done.

I remember watching the other episodes a while back, you have certainly improved. I also like your choice of voide actor(s), I'm hoping Edwyn will help me with my series later on. =)

Well Done Sir

Man Auron is looking fab-u-lous! Not to mention the rest of the graphics getting a serious boost. The special features was a nice addition, it was good to see how far you have come with your artwork and i have to say some of your sketches are awesome, you have a wicked style and i cant wait to see the next episode.

Smite Evil

Why yes, paladins do happen to be freakin' badass. My favorite character class finally gets some weel-deserved attention. Awesome work, I look forward t oseeing episodes 4 and 5!


good shit i like to see undead shit geting fucked in the ass the FX where kool but they needed mabe just a lil more work

PS: make more.

World of Warcraft, Anyone?

Is it just me, or does this parallel the Warcraft storyline somewhat?

Anyhow, great flash, story notwithstanding....