Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"

It only took forever

That took forever!! Was waiting, and I love it. Can't decide yet if its my favorite but its definitely quite good. Any way you could speed up the time between flashes?


**Don't read this review if you didn't see the movie**

I won't blam anything from this movie, but I don't think it is as good as it could be. Great animated graphics, but the style is weird. The heads are so big...I wonder if the characters actually have a neck. Good musics, except for the one where the hero faints. The fade at his moment seems cheap, I'm sorry to say that. The violence is great, not too hardcore.

My last comment : how the heck would a Paladin backstab his opponent? On top of that, he enjoys it...


Very well done, loved every second of it. I will be impatiently waiting Paladin 4 to see our Hero in his nice new armor =P hah great stuff champ.

very nice

very nice job with every thing i loved it u should talk to some big gam cos and see if u can get a game made out of this idea any i loved it nice job

looks like CaddyCo likes you lol

anyways great flash not amny like this around..Noticed some lagging even with a newer computer it still lagged.