Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"

A work in progress

I think its alright but im guessing the next few chapters are gonna have more fighting scenes since it looks like your just getting the story together still, Maybe next chapter will be better! :)

-=- Cerks -=-

Great Work!

I'm a bit late in checking this out, but it was well worth the time. You should check into submitting some of your work to networks and see what happens.

I think this movie was great!

I don't care what anyone else says, I think this was an awesome movie and I hope you do lots more. The idea was cool and everything looked nice.

Impressive for the internet, but unpolished.

Your animation is pretty impressive for someone who doesn't seem to have any training whatsoever, but it's still painfully obvious you haven't got any training. The whole thing is just sloppy and unpolished. Your attempts at limited animation technique were pretty terrible, some parts I wanted to gouge my eyes out when one part of a person moved and the rest of them stayed perfectly still. You've got to be more subtle with limited animation, and when it's your personal art and not something that a producer is hounding you to get finished I don't see the point in doing it limited at all.

Work on anticipation and spacing. Bad posing didn't jump out at me, though I didn't look for any.

It was pretty good for the internet, for what that's worth. I really don't know why this rating system has nothing for Animation, where you'd get a two, if Animation Collective was 8 and Craig McCracken was 10. Work on it.

can't wait for episode 4

this is definitly one of my favorite series now