Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"

Heck ya

That was great. I loved the music. However the audio didnt flow very well, alot of cut offs and choppy voices. Oh and guy below me, raise your hand....is it raised? Yah. Thats who cares. Idiot.

Good but...

-3 stars for the audio


both the paladin and the death god servant have hair just like their masters cool


i like the way they put up some backstory cause its nice to know whats going on

A great improvement.

The new way of narration is a great addition, voice-acting is welcomed, the graphics have improved over the prequels, and the story has finally made a progression.

However, it was again a tad-bit short, and the media-player options (Play, Pause, etc.) are not here.

Loved the extras, by the way!