Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"

wait a second

he just becomes a paladin...
and celebrates by stabbing his enemy in the back?
how un-paladin-like of him.

i love it

very great i love the game too can i ask something? is there a 2ed game or no? if there is plz tell me:P

Much better

Epic, glad I started watching the series after you were done. I dont have to wait for a sequel

lol epic

hes was beaten up so badly he almost dies.... then all of a sudden he gets some strange armor from the God of Strength and rekillz a dead guy by stabbing it like you stab someone with a pencil.... thats hilarious xD

The true rulersof the world

The ndead shall rise and noone will defeat their mighty leader!!!!!
paladins may kill simple zombies and skeletons and necromacers but they cant stop the true undead>:)
DEATH KNIGHTS (a knights imprisoned soul trapped in a body controlled by the undead on)
LICHES ( upper class of a necromacer and fully undead...also has a bit more powerful spells)
LORD BANE ( the ruler of the undead and so far the one known to have made them)
DRICHE (a dragon mixed with the souls of other dragons and the powers of a liche)
THE FALLEN (i will not tell of what they truly are but they are the most mghyest of the undead army....and some have been known to b mixed with powerful beings)
THE undead shall rise and scourge the lands for life!!!!!
aka undead plaer killaofyou have a death day:)