Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"

Dream Theater

DT made this animation 100X better.

Now, it's getting GOOD!

I was wondering why Auron didn't have the armor at first. Still, now the real battle in this series has begun!

BADASS MOVIE....but.....need better music....

hey...the movie was alright, but u need some better rock......try to get some source of more nocturnal, darker rhythm for background music.....it just didn't flow with this awesome movie man..... sorry, it's just that i like music and needs more vilely, eviler rock....dnt go into death though....that's just seeming u r trying too hard, try some Five Finger Death Punch/ more rammstien/Opeth-The Grand Conjuration/Static-X- You am I......just ignore it if u think it's a bad idea, but im just sharing my opinions




I only have one problem...why did he start bleeding from his eyes and stuff??? he didn't get hit