Reviews for "PALADIN episode 3"

I was thinking that this would be an origins episode. I'm glad it wasn't. This is such a graceful series. I love learning about everything. My favorite part was probably when we saw the monster's bloody jaw. Wasn't that in one of the Madness cartoons?

The voices were great and so soothing. Blue hair is always cool. It's great to have a nice fantasy series. It's not that original, but I do like it. The designs are all nice.

This is incredible, but the giant could've been chopped into two rather than simply go down with a stab. You did an awesome job with this nonetheless!

This is a Killer jazza... you should try to reboot this series..!!!

wow... it's a total Lord of the Rings reference... I should have known it all along

This is good but could be better. The boss was pretty cool.