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Reviews for "Lyrics To A Song"

good stuff

oh man, i just found 'songs to wear pants to' this week and im crazy about it! Someone needs to make a Kamikazi highlander flash! Thats my all time favorite!
Good work by the way!

little batoven

this flash reminds me of batoven

ZaronX responds:

To be thoroughly honest, I'm not sure how to take that. XD Granted the rating of an 8, I'm assuming that's a good thing.

I was actually trying to make Mark look sophisticated and such (the tie, you see. How does it stay on? I'm not telling), as anyone who sees him in the comic sees him with swirly glasses and generally assumes he's insane.

He is.

(o @ . @ o) {I be crazy hamster thing!]


Poor little hamster man, with his twitchy eye, and his face all a blue.
Nice flash!

Tee Hee

Thats pretty good, i gotta admit. That is just like emo now adays, just all about screaming and how your life sucks... But oh well. It was really good, i gave you like... a four i think. It wasn't perfectly into sync with the song, but what the fuck, who really cares.

ZaronX responds:

Yeah, I noticed how it falls out of sync, especially when you switch windows or something for a second. It was a bit off before, but NG loads a bit slower than other places I've put it, so with a replay it won't be quite as bad... still not great, but not *as* bad. XD

Thanks for the good review! ^___^

LOL Stupid Goths

This is so true! I hate those stupid emo songs, nobody cares if you wanna die!! lol. Great flash, its really funny cause of how true it is. Keep up the good work!