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Reviews for "Lyrics To A Song"

Wonderous Parody!

Your artwork was decidedly average, however, this is such a great parody of popular music....

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
I think the best thing about this movie was definitely the facial expressions why the guy was screaming, especially his eyes. They looked really crazy and it made the movie pretty entertaining.

^^Needs Improving^^
I don't think the eye thing works for the whole song though. I definitely think you should have done something different maybe half way through the song. Put him in some different scene or something.

Kinda predictable, but some ace visualisations.

I liked his nervous twitches and all the expressions. It's a repetitive and predictable joke, but the visualisations made me smile.

After flashing, he seemed to get a tiny bit calmer, which disappointed me. I was hoping it'd get even more ridiculous. Maybe the ending could have been him having a heart attack?

Though you're obviously new to flash and have stuff to learn, you've got a great grasp on poses and histrionic expressions. I look forward to more from you!



The graphics and style were pretty good in this movie; most of the lip-syncing was done right. Also, I liked the song, and some of the expressions on that mouse's (was it a mouse?) face were just very funny. Was he constipated? o_O (Just kidding.)


Well, it was kind of short, and, as the last reviewer mentioned, maybe some hand and arm mvoements would be nice. Maybe you could have some different backgrounds, too, and make him walk around...? Just a suggestion.



Haha ok well made me laugh, was funny, the "CHARACTER" was welldone, would have liked to see more animation from the character himself like some more "LIMB" animation and all, nice job though keep it going...

More animations like walking around and more hand and arm movment...

A funny audio from a sorta still character with some funny face reactions,a nd strange song too hehe...


ZaronX responds:

Hand and arm movement and the like will get a lot easier if I can get the hang of FBF. As it stands, I still suck at such things, but hopefully any future submissions will prove less stagnant...