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Reviews for "Tom fights the Ninjas"

This must've been made in 2001 or 2002 because Tom is 22 years old. This is pretty good considering his age and the animation system back then.

''Oh Umm Tord Died" LOL XD YOUR FUNNY!!!

trolololol ahaha

how is...

this rated M?

When was this made? lol

I think I watched this a few years ago before I even knew about Eddsworld. The animation isn't very good, but that goes along with how old you claim to be in the introduction. Your age in this also compliments your grammar and orating skills throughout the flash. Always good to watch the classics from your group, as well as the stuff that gives a bit of back story. Deffinitely hints as to why Tord left Eddsworld.
The audio was of a very high quality, which is a definite plus in all your and Edd's flashes.

Keep up the great work, man!