Reviews for "Jennifer Lawrence"

So realistic man....awesome work

Wow, great visual effects and depth perception in this! The gradual changes in color value really show here, and it basically compliments itself! Great work!

At first, I couldn't quite remember who Jennifer Lawrence was. All I needed to do was look at this masterpiece in order to remember! I truly appreciate how gorgeous this looks. The best part is still probably how realistic it is. It truly does look like a photograph! All the proportions seem realistic.

It's just showing her in a great pose. You captured her likeness perfectly. I'm so glad to see something so great in its own right. It's unique because it still isn't quite a standard pose. I'll still reminded of Katniss. I guess most people are.

awesome artwork n__n!! love it, so well done.
- Pandasticality

What more can I say that hasn't been said about your skills? Fantastic work done on a amazing woman, great pose for this medium. What was it done on digital or canvas?