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Reviews for "Window Licker 05"

Is it true

that most Locks are nazis ? I heard that and didn't realy beleave it but i've seen Hittler and the nazi sign in diffrent Lock Films. So is it true ?

"three and a half thumbs up" - ebert and roper

your animation was very good. the movie was pointless, but i actually liked it. you should probably fix some of the lag, but i expect you mustve had at least 20 layers, so that could be expected. if your audio was set to stream, however, there shouldnt have been lag.

Sorry for voting 3 on it, Coffee...

Not wanting to be a jerk, but the flashing lights was annoying, so was the general contents.

Randomness, yeah, but there was no humor, nothing that I liked...

anticholingeric effect ripples

I give this a 3.5 for overall rating. I gave it a five rating so I hope that helps it to stay. I enjoy how annoying and seizure-proned it was as well. Great strobe work. Overall I enjoy this style of fast paced music put to random imagery.

what in the name of god....

the only reason why i voted 2 on this and did not blam it, was because it was long. Other then that it was just a bunch of random things that didnt make sense put together and frankly it sucked