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Reviews for "Window Licker 05"

Opportunities missed.

Well I first thought from the title this might be a take off of Aphex Twin...anyhow...when I saw the spoof of A Clockwork Orange I thought...wow this could be a 5 or definately a 4 from me....then the rest of the stuff happened and hurt my ears so I gave up and voted poorly.

Animation was done well

Although I cannot say the same for the content. I personally don't think that hitler should be used in anything. I liked the clockwork orange beginning in the milk bar though. But the ending was extremely lacking as you just end it. And as for the beginning the color changes are boring and they do not fit.


This is by far the Funniest Flash I have ever seen, easily. I was laughing so much after only 30secs, 5 for sure. This is the highest rating I've ever gave a flash animation on NG, well done guys! In all my years, nothing has been as funny on the net!
Plz make more or I'll find out where you live and blow up your automobiles, assuming you are in possesion of such items... [I'm only kiddin' <3 ya's really!] EMO LOL

LockLegion All the F---ing way! Vote 5 everyone!!


nice stuff ...so random in my mind but i loved it

Well Wicked

Like the inclusion of 'Windowlicker' reference :P
You rock you slime.