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Reviews for "The Swell Collab 01"

Tre 1337!


Muffin responds:

breadfruits manlove is as swell as you. <3 absinthe.


cool i liked it. And another thing ... i LOVES TEH HIPPOS LOLLOLLOL

Muffin responds:

hippos :3

Most certainly swell!

This one rocks! Send some extra love to happyleetgost, just because.
I was in suspense when the number turned from 21 to 22! Hope to see many more swell cartoons on the 7th. <3

Tons of seizures....

Yep, I agree with the flash title. It really is a swell collab with all the seizures I saw in this flash! All of the crazy sounds here as well. :P RoflMuffin's flash, crazy voice with star backgrounds with a LOL seizure at the end. Wow! Gost, an ejaculating penor.... Anyway, BreadFruit, uh-oh, that big bad blue hippo is chasing after him! :O Knucles, seizure fun! Richard Nixon, wow, I never knew he was a flash artist. :P And finally, Shake, with more seizure fun! Nice work to everyone who took part in this swell collab!


Muffin responds:

richard nixon had to leave office because he was too good at flash!

Mindblowingly awesome.

Wow, that was absolutely incredible. Tough to choose which my favourite was, I've narrowed it down to either 'Richard Nixon's' seizurific hilarity piece and Breadfruit's. I watched Breadfruit's for hours, just wondering if BlueHippo would ever catch him. Awesome job here guys.

Lots Of Love, Rebecca Rose

Muffin responds:

bluehippo caught him and ate him :0