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Reviews for "The Swell Collab 01"

I didn't care for it

This wasn't bad, but it clearly wasn't good either. I just thought this was a collab of just 7 or so loops. You could have made the screen bigger, whihc I would have liked, but other than that.....it was ok.

Muffin responds:

maybe a swell collab of 1600x1200 next time. or add scroll bars to see the whole thing because it's going to hang off your screen? naah, but thanks for the swell review.

oh boy

What were all those swell tunes


ok rofl muffin was random and funny, and gost was just.... just out there..... and breadfruit was what seemed like a mini hippo chasing a lemon? ok I guess, and then I'm a knuckles fan but no..... and Richard Nixon was just sorta out there with gost..... and shake was cool I guess.... so yeah it was roflmuffin and breadfruit that got you that 10 up there, have fun with it! (^,^)

Muffin responds:

swell! thanks; hippo's = automatic 10 :3

yeah this might be good

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Muffin responds:

mayun golden is swell :3

Banana Glock > All

Oh boy that sure was swell

Muffin responds:

dayum mango, you're swell enough to be in part two if i decide to make another. (HINT HINT) :3