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Reviews for "The Swell Collab 01"


I liked the preloader and the main screen.

Muffin responds:

thanks, i thought they were pretty swell (like you) :3


why is this underdog of the week? that suked...
i cant really give any advice..... make the damn window bigger.

To NG: TOW was more deserving of UOW than this....get with it.

Muffin responds:

read the FAQ's and get a clue about NG before you go around pointing out how ignorant you are. its UOW is lowest score with higest review score. its not picked by an idivdual. you're not swell :(

That was garbage.

That was the worst flash I have ever seen. I can't even really comment any further because it was that bad. I'd almost recommend watching just to witness how atrocious this entry actually was. It's kind of like when you see a horribly disfigured person walking around in public, and you feel bad for them, but you alert your friends anyways so they can check out the freak. Yea, its like that.

Muffin responds:

watchout theunswellmoronizloose. :(

More Chorus from the Cacophiles

This was as entertaining as a nice drag across a pile of rusty nails,... and sounded about the same too. One of the collabs, breadclock's I think, was just a music loop and no animation. I think NG meant to give this turd of the week and pushed the wrong button because it's no better than the Foamy Collab.

Muffin responds:

read the FAQ's and get a clue on the weekly ratings. you're as unswell as the real foamy :(

Oh my...

could have been done by a a 4 year old

Muffin responds:

could have been made my a 4 year old.

Flash by Joshpow:
- none -

but not you.