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Reviews for "The Swell Collab 01"


That really sucked, just...wow.

Zero 3 out

it was pretty bad

i liked the sound between the selections, and the only one i liked was the first one, just watch it thorugh, its the only thing that made me laugh, cuz its so stupid

what the hell..

yaay turd of the YEAR instead of underdog.

Wow. Underdog? Really?!?

No way. Now I know for a fact that NG is slipping. Or someone's cheating the website. Voting for your own stuff under judgment, so it gets onto the site, and then voting it 10s to give it a prestigious award...that's bogus. NG needs tougher posting rules, this is getting out of hand >_<


It was weird, but I couldn't say I didn't enjoy it.