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Reviews for "The Swell Collab 01"



Muffin responds:

you're clearly sweller than i am <3

Oh snap!

This is the swellest collab ever made! FIVENED.

-MasterLock/Glock <3

Muffin responds:

thanks for the swell review. much <3


Loved it, a work of art from a bunch of talented artists, you know i like it like thurrrr


Five it gets

Muffin responds:

gee thanks satan, you sure are swell :D <3


Yet another wonderous collab from the GlockGroup.

Nice loader, nice menu, nice painfully epileptic cartoons.

Godspeed, Glocks.

(and I will be done with my segment for the next big collab soon I just need more time)

Muffin responds:

its okay zekey, i love you either way :3

Not to be overlooked

What we have here is a perfect model of how a collab should be contructed. The artists pieces, without forming a linear story, still combine into a glorious whole.

The potent screech of Rofl's anguished man, showing us an inspiring release of emotion rivaling even Hitler's suicide. The provocative and thoughtful piece by Gost. Breadfruit and his rampant artistic skill, creating a scene with real tension and energy. Knuckles, finding a fantastic combination of image and music (it's hard to believe that the music in his piece was created without this animation in mind - it fits that well). Richard Nixon's piece finally give us a peek into a man's mind, and leaves us wondering - is this the mind of a madman, or a genius? And Shake, whose piece, like a conclusion, brings the view to a place of serenity. Some have wondered what heaven might look like - I fully believe Shake may have stumbled onto the truth.

These pieces, all solid works on their own, are combined to carefully craft an experience as unforgettable as it is spastic. The menu's fine construction just proves the care that went into this collaboration. Thank you all.

Muffin responds:

i think i will quote myself here...as i am in lack of words... "that was the best review i have ever seen on any movie...ever"