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Reviews for "The Swell Collab 01"

Could that have been any more swell?!

No. No it couldn't. This redefines swell. <3

Muffin responds:

it could be more swell if it was you :3


I vote 10 because my ears hurt :(

Muffin responds:

i hope your ears get better :(



Why didnt i think of this! Pure genius

Muffin responds:

thanks for the swell review. youre swell :3

Animal Planet Blue hippos

oh my <3

Muffin responds:

lawl, its unswell to review a movie you took place in :p

though you're still swell. (jesus i wasnt expecting this many reviews rofl rofl)


I was told to review this so I am.

Muffin responds:

ummm, okay? who ever told you to do that should be hit in the face because thats totally against the newgrounds rules :(

thanks for the review anyways... i guess :/