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Reviews for "The Swell Collab 01"

Oh god yes

This sure is swell.

Muffin responds:

not as swell as you :3

Lawl that sure was a swell glock movie....

That sure was a swell glock movie, i think i will submit mine right now, not. sorry but i had to vote zero. worst collab ever.

Muffin responds:

its not really a glock movie... but thanks anyways :3


cool i liked it. And another thing ... i LOVES TEH HIPPOS LOLLOLLOL

Muffin responds:

hippos :3


Count all 999

Muffin responds:

truffle has a 999dmg swell attack <3

Truely swell.

Keepin' it real.

Muffin responds:

etnies lock is sweller than i am <3