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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 3"


not as good as your other work but still very good


everything was great, I liked this one a lot.

this was the best yet!

i naever laughed so hard at santa when he said "ho ho HOLY CRAP!!!" and the sixth one was also good. keep up the good work!

Funny but...

It was about the same as the first one you did. Granted, I laughed at some and chuckled at others, but wasn't as funny as I thought it too be. But, still great flash!

Graphics: Still great use of sprites!
Style: Your style is good!
Sound: I like how the voices fit well and the background music choices were alright. I liked the second scene's music best.
Violence: It suffered a bit from the others. But, there was some there.
Interactivity: Once again, a scene select button.
Humor: It was hurt a bit, but I still thought they were all funny to some extent. Good job!


This was hilarious. Once again, I'll try to point out the funnier parts.

1.) That was a fairly boring conversation. Luckily, there was a woodpecker in the area to liven up the conversation.

2.) Wow. Pac-Man got burned...literally!

3.) This is a classic! "Ho, Ho, Holy Crap!". That snowman's a bit clumsy, isn't he.

4.) Super Panda! That girl is going to have her hands full.

5.) HA! Faux Jaws and the guy falls for it! Hilarious!

6.) Poor little innocent kid. Hope that creepy dragonfly doesn't come back.

7.) The guy working the spotlight must not be paying attention. It passes over that guy like 4 times.

Over all, one of the better Skittles N' Bitz. Nice choice of music and the sprite work was very clean. Good Job!