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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 3"

This was an okay movie. Got 1 or 2 laughs from it.

This movie was just plain stupid (in a kind of good way). The funniest part was the monkey (I'm guessing that's Curious George) and Zelda. But the movie didn't have the style or as much overall humor you would get from a good sprite movie. It's still okay, though.

dude that sucked

man come on it was ok but seriously none of it was funny the sprites and voices were decent but it just wan't a comedy at all


wtf was that...im sorry but that just sucked...i was looking for comedy...that seriously was almost as bad as nepoleon dynomite...

Lacks humor.

Predictable crap, or if it wasn't, it was just too stupid.
Luckily, the monkey scene saved it from a lesser score.
Maybe it's just mybrand of humor, but I liked the others better.
The voice acting wasn't bad, but could use a BIT of work.


8 outa 10 due to the overused sprites, but besides that, FRICKEN SHWEET!