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Reviews for "Project Mecha- Episode 1"

great cept 2 things

the text at the start was a bit long and sonics not on earth hes on mobius. </rant over>
other than that it was great^^


this show was sick awsome u should make a part 2
.` .'-. :
/.-. \ l.`.o
..-'` l''_``.`
=::::: / /

your first movie was better

you screwed up on this movie your first movie was better and it had better sprites(16 bit) these 32 bit sprites are crap.it looks like sonic battle and knuckles chaotix or something stick to your original concept


Its Ok. Im 13 and making a sprite movie...

Where did you get the sound effects?

im sorry but...

i didnt really like the movie because: the intro was TOO long,you had too much typos in the movie, the background didnt look too good, good try tho.