Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"

i like 3 and 1

could some one get some off for these damn popups there on every 5 minutes pleze and theres two of em that come up at the same time (no 3s my fav)

I love #3 but #4 is best!

You asked for feedback and I'm giving it. I absolutely love 3 and 4. 3 had a beat that made me bob my head and so I really liked it. It's a little cleaner, sounded deeper, more layered, if that even makes sense, than any other song on Newgrounds so far. 4 is simply the best though because it's a "busier," more energetic version of 3. And although I like 3 b/c it's almost calming, 4 is more appropriate due to the extra beats and energy. Either way, I'd be much happier listening to one of those two than the current music which grates my nerves. I usually turn the volume down when I sign on to the portal b/c of it. Oh and even though I've prolly said enough already, #5 is alright but I would really dislike it if #1 or #2 were used not b/c they're bad or anything; I like the two, but simply because 3 and 4 are so damn awesome! (Damn those pop-ups are annoying!)


I enjoyed 4 the most.

#4 all the way

All of them kick ass, but I like the spacey sound of 4.


gotta be the second