Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"

3 or 4

3 or 4, i liked 4 the best, but 3 was good too

Hey Shok, it's Eggatron

I liked the one you set m ethe other day (#1), but I think that #4 would be the best because it's just soooo cool and not too repetitive. Nice and melodic and has a nice "wiggy" thig in the background which is always good :)


it's almost like 4 but it just sounds better. i dunno. #3's the best.

and what's up with the slew of pop up ads lately? am i the only one to notice this???

Number 4

I liked ALL of them! But I ended up choosing Number 4 because it seemed to have the most ambient sound, and it actually would fit nicely for the NG Portal. It sounded like a song you would hear if some kind of "Portal" was to appear. Number 3 was close behind Number 4, but 3 just didn't have the same feel to it. Number 2 was next up. I really loved how you remixed "Unicron's Theme". AWESOME! Number 1 was near the bottom of the list, simply because I thought it was too fast. Excellent remix, but it was'nt cutting it. Number 5 was good, but totally did not have the feel of the NG Portal for it. 5 could be used for other projects, or even a megamix, but not for the Portal's Theme Song. EXCELLENT MUSIC, SHOK! :-)


A change will be nice, but I don't think that you should stray too far from the current Portal music.