Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"


Number 4 must be used

Here's my opinion:

Loop 1: Too stressing
Loop 2: Not bad. At all.
Loop 3 and 4: I've downloaded the full track and heard it too much, got tired of it, so I'd rather not have those on. But that's just me.
Loop 5: Nice.

All in all, I'd prefer No. 2. Or maybe 5.

Use #2, but 4 kicks major ass

#4 would be my choice, but #2 would sound better at the front page of a web site... But anything is better than the music curently on NG front page... O, THESE DAMN ADS THAT POP UP EVERY 10 SECONDS ARE PISSING ME OFF!!! ID REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF THEY WERE DELAYED MUCH MORE!!

My vote is...

My vote is for #4 its really slow and just seems to fit portal. Its out there.

#4 kicks ass

Still keeps the same feel of the current music.