Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"


I didn't like #1 and #5, #2 was good, #3 was equally good and #4 was #3 just better so #4. confused?

I like number 2

This was a nice way to help decide the portal music. The music now quite frankly... it blows goats. Sorry, but it does. We need a faster-paced or at least a more instumentally-intrieging mix. I hope this will really change the portal's music. The frontpage's music is awesome!

Reviews on all Loops

Loop #1 : Bad beat in the middle (where the breakbeat stops) and it just sounds bad.
Loop #2 : A remix of the current Portal music which is very well done.
Loop #3 : I love this loop for some reason. The sound quality could be better on it, however.
Loop #4 : Has the same tone as 3 (The chimes) but with alot more flair. Kinda reminds me of Perfect Dark music.
Loop #5 : Tribal beats with some good tones, but a tad too loud and blaring, which could become a nusiance VERY quickly.

My pick(s) - 3 and 4.

Number 3 is the best choice

all of the songs are good but #3 would fit the portal better. #2 is just like the old one so it better not be that one. The coolest ones are #4 and 5. #3 is the best one for the portal.

2 pleez

so, 2 methinks.