Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"

Number 2 all the way.

Number one sounds okay, but it reminds me too much of Pico with the excessive drums. Numbers 3-5 sound cool, but they don't seem appropriate for front page Newgrounds because they sound too mysterious.
I pick No. 2 because it stays true to the classic music, yet has a hip, driving, energetic dance beat to it. It makes you wanna get up and get your freak on. It's also less "heavy" sounding than the current re-mix that's playing on the front page.

Number 2 all the way, baby!

my picks

3 or 5 would be good choices



#2 must WIN

#2 all the way BROHAM!!!!!

Please re-replace the NG main music

These are all very good and the main page music just doesnt reflect the skill of the original sound. I would say #4 should replace the main page and #2 should become the new portal sound.
I liked the Drum and Bass feel of #1 but it would be a little hyper when going through the portal.