Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"

number 5

I liked number 5 (those pop-ups from newgrounds are annoying)... ANYHOW... It is harder than numbers 3 and 4, and gives an ethereral feel. I liked 3 and 4, but, agree with Jimi that they are probably not right for the portal.

I liked number 2 okay, and found number 1 a bit too light.. Did i mention that those ads are really annoying.. that makes 4 pop-ups and I didn't even change the page.. =o(

i review the music & not the flash

I thought number 1 was good UNTIL i heard #2 IT HAS alot MORE STYLE & i think would be better to listen 2 on a loop!!

P.S they 9 i give is for the class of the music*

Cool tunes

No 4 was the best, then 2.. the rest well either over kill or I'm getting old..

hard decision

I'd say 4....no 2...ahh crap

Definately # 4

...Theres just something about #4 i love, as well as the fact as i think the others are just too much...that they could become really obnoxious when played repeatedly. #4 jus has a quality about it that even played repetitiously, it still continues to sound good. Definately definately # 4