Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"

4 Is the best

Definately 4. all the others are ok, but 4 is the best

I'm gonna have to go against the majority...

and go with #5 ...I like the whole beat to it, and the predominate snare line. I kinda like #4...sort of sounds like a Tribes map theme =P I'd say, get the loop going abit better for #5 (It's pretty damn obvious when it hits the end and re-loops) and you got a winner. Hell, maybe even lengthen the song a bit and throw a snare solo in there. =)

Number 2, Please

It was a tough choice between this and number 4, but I've got to go with 2. It seems more consistent with the front page music, and it's got kind of an Akira quality to it that I can't resist.

I'd also suggest thinking about putting some fitting vocals behind it, as with the front page music.

Shoks F00ked in the 'ed

Nice stuff......Def. Number 2.....keeping with the old music with some flavour.....first is nice too with the squarepusher style "stutter"
so.........1,2,or the last one,other 2 i've heard so many times so is boring to my ears:-p

So Tough to Choose

Although there seems to be a skip present (to my ears) in the first track, I would go with #1 for the NG frontpage music. It's quiet enough for the background, not to mention it reminds me of a revised version of the OLD music--I believe from before the current look of NG now.

The other themes are still GREAT and should be incorporated into NG somehow. Track 2 would freshen up Assassin in my opinion. Tracks 3 and 4 are my absolute favorites--#4 would work well during the month of October for a "Halloween" NG, or on the Halloween collection page. Track 3 is less "spooky" and would be a nice touch at Christmas. Track 5 belongs on the Mortal Kombat collection. GREAT WORK SHOK!!!!