Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"

Reeks of Awsomness

Well if Newgrounds is going to cange the theme then please go with #3 that is a good solid beat

#1 or #5

if i had to choose it would be 5

I Choose...

I think loop #2 is the best. It's the familiar NG tune with a kick.


no.4 is the absolute coolest!...But I have to agree with "WorldsLongestDick": The music does not fit with the current layout. But instead of dropping the music, you should change the layout! It should look more like videogamesdc.com!!!


NO DOUBT! wow i had totally forgot there used to be music in the portal! i recognice #2 soo much, damn, all the memories that come back almost drives me crazy! wish i remember what all the movies and games were called back then!!!!