Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"

This is some good stuff

I like track 4. 5 was also good, but I liked the different style in 4 and 3. The flash was pretty durn cool, too. Nice work.

Has no one sussed this yet?

No. 4 is an extension to No. 3. I can't believe some guy hasnt mentioned that yet. They'd sound good if No.3 ran into No. 4 but i know its just a 1 loop type of thing...So 4 will go on!


I like number 2 the most but I also like number 4. All of them sound good though.


Hey, Shok. I'm totally diggin' #3, it's nice and subtle, not as in your face as the others. I think it'd be a nice touch to the portal, not totally overwhelming you when you get there.


They're all way too loud! I want something innocuous that I can listen to as just background while I browse the page.