Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"

I liked #5

The first two and last two were basically just variations of each other, but I thought they were cool. I dunno, I liked them, but I don't want to be incredibly distracted by the music either.


out of the possible choices given, i liked number two the best, it's close to the original and it's not so trance-like (like number three and four)what i would really REALLY like to see is different metal loops. like the guitar riffs from pantera, static-x, sepultura, etc. but if it MUST be techno (ugh) theres a song on the slipknot cd that starts out with techno and its "hard" techno if you will. Maybe you guys could do something metal just to see the outcome...maybe it will catch on...and to anyone who reads this review, other than who it's directed to, write if you like my idea maybe it'll help get a little pantera on newgrounds : )

Number 3

I like number 3 the most because it is tottaly different, and yet still simple. Its soothing and relaxing


It's almost the same as the original but a bit better...I don't want anything too busy that'll distract me from the actual site...


Most definately. Smooth beat, and great rythem.