Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"

I like number 2

This was a nice way to help decide the portal music. The music now quite frankly... it blows goats. Sorry, but it does. We need a faster-paced or at least a more instumentally-intrieging mix. I hope this will really change the portal's music. The frontpage's music is awesome!

Number 2

Definitely #2. Great, steady beat, loops nicely and doesn't sound all slow, wierd, and stupid.


Portal Music

I vote for number 4, even though it has the same back drop as number 3 i think its the best one of the 5, I also like number 1 cause it reminds me of Picos' School music. But I'm going to have to go with number 4.


it's almost like 4 but it just sounds better. i dunno. #3's the best.

and what's up with the slew of pop up ads lately? am i the only one to notice this???

U call this a game??

This ain't no game... Its basically music and a chat. No pictures, the sounds suck...the graphics are cool in tha flash, though.